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How To Change Wiper Blades
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Learn How To Change Wiper Blades In 5 Easy Steps

Are you wondering how to change wiper blades on your car? Maybe you have struggled with changing these in the past. If you have the right fit – the process does not need to be hard.

Follow these 5 steps below to learn how to change wiper blades in under 15 minutes.

Step 1

First, select the wiper adapter that will connect the wiper blades to the specific wiper arm installed on your vehicle. When in doubt, look at the old wiper blade adapter to easily identify the correct replacement. For the easiest and safest installation, it’s important that your new blades match the style and connector type of your original blades.

Step 2

Then, remove the old adapter by rotating slightly its rear portion as you pull upwards. The adapter should release itself from the assembly while you slide it by pushing it forward. Since dirt and debris can often get into the cracks of the adapter, you might need to give it an extra hard push.

Step 3

Next, install the new wiper blade adapter:

  • Position the adapter with the tab on the side of the wiper blade that has a smaller hole.
  • Next, align the wiper blade adapter’s channel with the cross pin of the blade. Grasp it on both sides at the position where you will feel it presses down.
  • Then press it in, and then release the adapter until you hear a click.
  • Finally, firmly slide it in place.

In case you have a wiper blade with a pin arm attachment, you may have to rotate the front portion of the adapter outward to about 45 degrees. This is especially important since it provides clearance for the pin arm to pass through the wiper blade’s large hole.

Step 4

Next, take out the wiper blade. Afterwards, position the wiper arm in the “up” position to set for the next step. In case you also need to replace the refill, needle-nose pliers may help you slide them off more easily.

Step 5

Finally, install the wiper blade connector, such as a J-hook, pin arm, bayonet arm, through the top opening of the blade. When you’re finished, guide the blade into the attachment device, and then, pull it upwards until it locks.

Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to change wiper blades. While many get it right the first time, it doesn’t hurt to double-check your installation. Give the wiper blade a firm tug to test the attachment. If you feel it’s secure, gently lower the arm onto the windshield, turn on your car and test your new wipers.

Ready To Upgrade Your Wiper Blades?

For the best performance, we recommend replacing your wiper blades every 6 months to 1 year, depending upon your weather conditions. Shop premium brands including ANCO, TRICO, Bosch and more at unbeatable prices.